What is ‘Learn/Teach/Lead RE’?

The project is a learning partnership project for Religious Education with a focus on creating a community of enquiry and professional development across the southwest peninsula.

The project aims to support all teachers of RE irrespective of their experience or qualifications through practical support at hub meetings and the opportunity to participate in projects that develop their teaching skills and the learning experiences of those they teach.

We are a grass-roots movement who look to partner with others. We believe that encouragement and collaboration in research projects enable innovative practice.

All our hub leaders are teachers themselves who are developing their own practice. Some are Specialist Leaders in Education who work with Teaching Schools or support Initial Teacher Education Programmes, others work nationally supporting the teaching of RE.

A key strength of our project is that hub leaders are equipped through specialised training giving them skills and expertise. In addition our annual conference is a springboard for much of our work in schools, offering all those who attend the opportunity to hear national figures in the Religious Education.

LTLRE was first launched in October 2012 in the SW through  from the St Luke’s College Foundation . An article outlining the impact of project and recording its development will appear in Professional REflection, the journal of the National Association of Teachers of RE (NATRE) either in the autumn edition of RE Today or in the Spring 2016 edition.

More recently Culham St Gabriel have funded its expansion into this region covering the North and North East of the country. These two programmes are autonomous in that they focus on locally unmet needs as well as being linked in terms of offering support and encouragement.

Quality Assurance

Learn Teach Lead North  is being externally evaluated by Alan Brine with additional consultant support from Linda Rudge.


The programme in the North is divided into two areas:

Area 4 and Area 5

Area 4 covers Merseyside, Wirral and Cheshire

Area 5 covers East Riding, Hull and North Yorkshire

Project partners include PLREs’ schools, and the local education authorities and Standing Advisory Councils for RE.
Church of England Dioceses support the project through their Boards of Education.
Higher Education partners are the University of York St. John  and Liverpool Hope University.



@naomianstice @reonline_tweets @NASACRE @NATREupdate I support it wholeheartedly - I assumed that most teachers talk about death in Re at KS2 , 3,4

Finola from Schocklachtells of reqm and her experience at a day at chester cathedral on reqm https://t.co/UJeXW27im8 LTLRENorth photo

Carousel by the interfaith network at Hoole today- 25 teachers enjoying it https://t.co/WOn5log0Yy LTLRENorth photo