If you are new to RE subject leadership we are here to help you.

Understanding withdrawal from RE – further guidance

Some key sites to support your subject leadership:

RE Quality Mark offers a useful self-evaluation tool for teachers, senior leaders and governors as well as pupil questionnaires free of charge. It is a great resource for new and experienced subject leaders. No writing or special files are required, just a highlighter pen. There may be grants available for school applying for the REQM for the first time. Contact your hub leaders for more information.

RE Today services works nationally and internationally to support Religious Education in schools. It is committed to the teaching of the major world faiths in Religious Education, and to an accurate and fair representation of their beliefs, values and practices in all its teaching materials.

National Association of Teachers of RE NATRE is the subject teacher association for RE professionals. It works to support those who teach and lead in all schools and institutions and at all stages of their career.

Religious Education Council works to strengthen the provision of religious education in schools, colleges and universities.


Best on Twitter for RE

@fionajmoss RE. Exec Officer for NATRE and leads #REChat Look for #REChat You can search previous chats including one over the summer on creative RE as well. A new topic every month tweeting online for an hour

@CofE_Education The Church of England’s Education Division

@ed_pawson RE adviser and consultant and resource writer, assistant to chair of NATRE

@gilesfreathy Specialist Leader of Education: RE, Humanities and Thinking Skills

@hartleyian Head of Hums in Plymouth. RS specialist

@HuffPostRelig Sharing light in the digital darkness

@ltlre Learn Teach Lead RE project in Devon & Cornwall.

@MarkChater Director of Culham St Gabriel’s Trust. Supporting RE & SMSC through research, development and innovation.

@MaryMyatt I see some great stuff in schools. I talk with students, teachers and leaders about learning, leadership and the curriculum. I advise and inspect.

@NATREupdate NATRE is the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education

@reonline_tweets News from the world of Religious Education / Religion in the news / what’s new on the RE:ONLINE website.

@REquestUK RE:quest is the definitive toolkit for teaching Christianity in RE. Exploring the BIG questions!

@RE_Today RE Today Services works to support multi-faith RE in schools by providing consultancy, teaching and learning resources and a subscription service.

@threefaiths Three Faiths Forum (3FF) works to build understanding between people of all faiths and beliefs.

@tattywilson Learn Teach Lead Area1 and Diocesan Adviser

@TrueTube Short films, big stories. Free videos, lesson plans for teachers of RE




@naomianstice @reonline_tweets @NASACRE @NATREupdate I support it wholeheartedly - I assumed that most teachers talk about death in Re at KS2 , 3,4

Finola from Schocklachtells of reqm and her experience at a day at chester cathedral on reqm https://t.co/UJeXW27im8 LTLRENorth photo

Carousel by the interfaith network at Hoole today- 25 teachers enjoying it https://t.co/WOn5log0Yy LTLRENorth photo