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The Prevent Duty, Resilience and Religious Education – A Personal Reflection from Jonathan Marshall

RE Reports

Reports from the All Party Parliamentary Group for RE (APPG) can be found at:
RE: The Truth Unmasked (2013)
An investigation into the supply of and support for teachers of religious education
The contribution of RE to good community relations (2014)

Ofsted report into RE: realizing the potential (2013)https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/religious-education-realising-the-potential

A new settlement: religion and belief in schools; a report by Linda Woodhead and Charles Clarke (2015)

Report into religious education in Church schools: Making a difference (2014) https://www.churchofengland.org/media/2076944/making%20a%20difference%20a%20review%20of%20religious%20education%20in%20church%20of%20england%20schools.pdf


National Curriculum Framework for RE (NCFRE) (2013) (Non-statutory)http://www.natre.org.uk/uploads/Free%20Resources/RE_Review_Summary%20&%20Curriculum%20Framework.pdf


@naomianstice @reonline_tweets @NASACRE @NATREupdate I support it wholeheartedly - I assumed that most teachers talk about death in Re at KS2 , 3,4

Finola from Schocklachtells of reqm and her experience at a day at chester cathedral on reqm https://t.co/UJeXW27im8 LTLRENorth photo

Carousel by the interfaith network at Hoole today- 25 teachers enjoying it https://t.co/WOn5log0Yy LTLRENorth photo